Time Slicer - paperback (signed)

Time Slicer - paperback (signed)


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It's 2052. Isaac used to be an ordinary guy. But then things started happening, and he found he was part of an exclusive group of people who have the ability to time travel at will. They call themselves 'Time Slicers'.

But Isaac is different to the others. His abilities keep growing, which helps when confronted by the 'cleaners'. Then he discovers the power of a single moment, and why it holds the key to time and other realities. But there’s one problem; he isn't in the right timeline, and if he doesn't find a way back, he'll never be born.

Putting his faith in his dad's friends in 2124, they travel to Norway, where they find more than just the hope of a way back. The city of Ålesund and the island of Giske hold the key to all of their futures in the past, but at a terrible cost.

ISBN: 9798455069437