Something is wrong with Time. 

Time bubbles have suddenly appeared throughout history with deadly effects. Isaac is the only one can can fix it all, but after blaming himself for a few weird Time experiences while exploring the past with Chel, his confidence is shattered, believing there is something wrong with him. 

Thomas re-assembles the group to discuss what can be done, only to discover that Isaac might be the one who caused Time to start to break up. 

Together they travel to Jo's lush country property in the small township of Palmwoods, to form a plan of attack. Here Isaac discovers the true meaning of life, love and happiness with Chel, giving him the most powerful of moments to save.

But he also discovers something more sinister is at work, and it has to do with the hidden timeline, a dead world in the reality that Time locked away. Something from the outside has found a way to seep through, and if allowed, will cause all life to bleed out into the Darkness between realities.

Isaac must face his fears and go head to head with an entity as strong as he is, but he can't do it alone, he'll need help from the most unlikely places.

In this final story, The origin of the Time Slicers is revealed, as events from the past all fall into place. 

But in the end, only one person will ever know.